Corporate Announcements

Intimation of Trading window Closure 31-12-2021
BM Intimation 03-11-2021
GSL-Proceedings of 26th AGM
BM Intimation 03-08-2021
Quarterly and Year ended Results of March, 2021
BM Intimation 16-06-2021
Resignation Of Company Secretary
Intimation of Closure of Trading Window 31.03.2021
Non- Applicability of Entity Identified as Large Corporate 31.03.2021
Disclosure of default on payment of Interest and Principal of 4% Unlisted Non-Convertible Debentures (NCDs)
BM Intimation 04-02-2021
Intimation of Closure of Trading Window 31.12.2020
BM Intimation 04-11-2020
Compliance Certificate Under Regulation 7(2) & 7(3)_30.09.2020
Compliance Report PCS 30.09.2020
Intimation of Closure of Trading Window 30.09.2020
Shareholder Meeting / Postal Ballot-Outcome of 25th AGM
25th AGM Voting Results 30-09-2020
Disclosure on Related Party Transactions for the Year ended 31.03.2020
Intimation of Closure of Trading Window 31.03.2020
Intimation of Closure of Trading Window 30.06.2020
Non- Applicability of Entity Identified as Large Corporate 30.06.2020
Intimation of 25Th Annual General Meeting Book Closure 07.09.2020
BM Intimation 07-09-2020
AGM Prior Intimation Newspaper Advertisement 08.09.2020
AGM Newspaper Advertisement 09.09.2020
25th AGM Notice
BM Outcome 18-06-2020
BM Intimation 11-06-2020
BM Cancellation 23-05-2020
BM Intimation 21-05-2020
BM Outcome 11.02.2020
BM Intimation 03.02.2020
Quarterly Disclosure of defaults on payment of interest/repayment of principal amount on loans from banks/financial institutions
Trading Window Closure 31-12-2019
Resignation of Company Secretary and Compliance Officer
Related Party Transactions disclosure as on September 30, 2019
Resignation of Director
BM Outcome 02-11-2019
BM Intimation 24-10-2019
Pledge disclosure to Company_04-10-2019
Trading Window Closure 30-09-2019
Change in Directorate
AGM RESULTS 27-09-2019
AGM Outcome 26-09-2019
BM Outcome 13-08-2019
BM Intimation 06-08-2019
Trading Window Closure 28-06-2019
BM Outcome 09-05-2019
BM Intimation 02-05-2019
Trading Window Closure 03-04-2019
BM Outcome 07-02-2019
Trading Window Closure
BM Intimation 31-01-2019
BM Outcome 13-11-2018
BM Intimation 03-11-2018
Closure of Trading Window
AGM RESULTS 20-09-2018
AGM Outcome 19-09-2018
AGM Intimation 19-09-2018
BM Outcome 13-08-2018
BM Intimation 06-08-2018
Trading Window Intimation
BM Outcome 18-05-2018
BM Intimation 12-05-2018
Trading Window Intimation
BM Outcome 02-02-2018
BM Intimation 27-01-2018
Closure of Trading Window Intimation
Compliance Officer Appointment intimation to BSE
BM Outcome 10-11-2017
BM Intimation 04-11-2017
BM Outcome 14-08-2017
BM Intimation 08-08-2017
Intimation of AGM and Book Closure 29-05-2017
BM Outcome 29-05-2017
Postponement of Board Meeting 22-05-2017
BM Intimation 19-05-2017
Announcement to BSE 14-03-2017
BM Outcome 10-02-2017
BM Intimation 01-02-2017
BM Intimation 05-11-2016
BM Outcome 11-11-2016
Announcement to BSE 01-11-2016
Announcement to BSE 12-09-2016
BM Outcome 29-08-2016
BM Outcome 13-08-2016
BM Intimation 06-08-2016
BM Outcome 20-05-2016
BM Intimation 12-05-2016
BM Intimation 27-01-2016
BM Intimation 29-10-2015
BM Intimation 06-08-2015
Advertisement of AGM and Book Closure