At Gayatri Sugars Limited special care is taken to ensure quality par excellence in it every product that adds value to its brand image.


The sugar plants of Gayatri Sugars Limited are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and equipment to produce two different grades of high quality commercial sugar graded according to their color and grain size namely

  • S 30

  • M 30

Green Power

At a time when the world is witnessing a global power shortage, eco-sensitive Gayatri Sugar embarked upon the idea of co-generation of power which is an internal process. Over the years, Gayatri Sugars Ltd has been tapping power from Bagasse- an important byproduct of the sugar industry. With the move to co-generate power, we have aimed at achieving three advantages namely-

  • Additional revenue generation

  • Partly protecting ourselves from the cyclic nature of business/product life cycle namely Sugar, alcohol, molasses and bagasse.

  • The duration of crushing has been extended on the economics of co-generation even after sugar recovery falls to low and un-economic levels at the end of the season.

Distillary Products

  • Rectified Spirit

  • Extra Neutral Alcohol


The Sugar is produced in Double Sulphitation Process involving passing through 5 main stations namely-

  • Mill House

  • Boiler House

  • Power House

  • Clarification and evaporation House

  • Boiling and curimeny